Cold and SLOW day on the Delta 



Randy - Clear Lake - 10+

Modesto AmBassAdors 2016 BIG FISH of the Year

Randy - Clear Lake - 8+ 





Uncle Dan, Cousin Randy, Pops, and Myself

Randy "Dropshot" Gin - 6.14lbs - Shag Rock

6.2lbs - Shag Rock 

Pops with some surf fish up in Brookings, OR

Cousin Randy with a California Delta TOAD

 Uncle Dan - Don Pedro

Jeannie - California Delta - 4.0lbs

Our team Big Fish


7.60lbs - California Delta - Ribbit, Ribbit (Bobby's Perfect Buzz)

My personal best of 2016

California Delta

Jeannie - California Delta

5.56lbs. - California Delta - Bomber 7A

 California Delta - 4.62lbs


Darrian - Lake Amador  

Pops - California Delta - 4lbs.

Pops on the California Delta

Pudge whack'em at Kelsey Bass Ranch

California Delta

New Melones


Clear Lake 6.87lbs.

Clear Lake - 6.0lbs.

California Delta


Pops on the California Delta

New Hogan

New Hogan



Pudge - McClure

Crazy D - McClure

Pudge on the net

Smith Boys - McClure


 Whacked the trout at Lake McClure

3.25lbs Spotted Bass - McClure

4.02lbs - Clear Lake

Pops and I at Clear Lake


6.02lbs. - California Delta


Pudge and the West's "All time Leading Money Winner" - Gary Dobyns


4.63lbs. Spotted Bass - Lake Cammanche


Pudge and I - New Hogan

Ricky Bobby and Griff - Tin Cup Champion




Smith Boys swimming and fishing - New Melones


Anthony - California Delta


California Delta

"Drop Shot" Gin - California Delta


"Drop Shot" Gin - California Delta


Anthony - California Delta


New Melones - Uncle Sammy and I


"Big Al" - Don Pedro - RIP


Ricky Bobby - Lake Berryesa

Lake McClure in December

Smith Boys in front of Skeet Reese's tow rig - Sacramento ISE



Nate and I - Clear Lake

First trip to Clear Lake, who says you can't catch fish out of an aluminum boat.

Clear Lake

5.85lbs. - Clear Lake


6.40lbs. - Clear Lake

Clear Lake - 8.86lbs. - Buzzbait

Don Pedro


Don Pedro - Winner Winner

Amador - Night Fishing - 4.5lbs / 3.25lbs - Crankbaits

This is how I ended up with the nickname Lugnut.  Sad thing is, this wasn't the first time it happened.......