Kiernan Klovers 4H FISHING PROJECT

We will be using this page to provide you with information on Upcoming Meetings, and Outings




Kiernan Klovers 4H Fishing Project 


Date - Sunday, February 22nd

Location - Lake Camanche SOUTH SHORE Trout Pond

Time - We will meet at the SOUTH SHORE Trout Pond at 6:30am and the Smith's will be there until 10:30am - feel free to stay as long as you would like

Directions - As you can see I started the directions in Lockeford. There are multiple different ways to get to Lockeford from Modesto eg. 99 to Jack Tone Rd., 99 to Hwy 12, Escalon Belota Rd., etc. Whatever you do DO NOT input address from the website into mapquest / gps. It will take you to there office, not the lake.

FROM Lockeford
Continue straight on Hwy.12/88 through Clements.
Turn left on South Camanche Parkway at Wallace.
Continue straight for approximately five miles to the South Shore gate

Fees - The Lake Camanche website shows the Off-Season Vehicle Rate as $7.50, as well as a $5 Fishing Access fee per person (any age). I was unable to confirm via multiple telephone calls, so I am going off there website.

Don't hesitate to email or call me (209) 484-4369 with any questions or concerns regarding outing, and PLEASE RSVP as soon as possible. Thank You



Recap of the Monday, November 3rd Meeting

Types of rods and reels



        Spin Casting

Types of line, basic characteristics, and what types of applications they work best in




Species of fish found in our area













Recap of the Monday, October 6th Meeting


Meeting Topics for the year -



        Proper rigging




Outings -

        Held on scheduled Sundays

        Fish from bank (unless the oppurtunity arrises to fish out of boats)

        Under two hour travel time (unless group votes on an outing that is further)

        Must have an adult with you

California Fishing Passport -

       We are the ONLY 4H Club in the State that is a licensed Stamping Agent  



Recap of Monday, September 23rd, 2013 Meeting


Learned to tie both a Palamor Knot and a Improved Clinch Knot (see illustrations below) and what knots work better on what lines.


Talked about Three different types of line - Monofiliment, Braid, and Florocarbon.  We learned how line strength is rated, and the characteristics of each of the three different lines.


We handed out and went over the California Fishing Passport and how it works.  Remember we are fortunate that our club is an Official Stamping Agent.


We talked about ideas for the year and what we are going to try and plan

Spring - Trout / Bass Fishing

Summer - Crawdad Hunting

Possible trip to some private ponds

Possible meeting with a California DFG Officer

Possible end of the year evening / night outing with BBQ




Below you will find the two knots that we learned / practiced at our meeting on January 28th, 2013.  Please take a moment and try them using the step, by step instructions.







(Use this list for reference on all our outings)


Items to bring - Below is a basic list of items I recommend bringing.  Not everybody will have all these items, and there is NO need to go out and purchase them.  I have stocked up on many of these items and will make sure to have them available. 

Fishing Rod/Reel

Fishing License - If you are over the age of 16 and plan on fishing, you MUST have a valid California Fishing License

Camping Chair - I do not have too many extra chairs

Rod Holder - You can always use a rock, or stick to keep your rod tip up and reel off the ground but an inexpensive rod holder works WAY better.

Bait - As we discussed at our meeting there are many different kinds of bait, depending on what kind of fish you are trying to catch.  I have plenty of trout bait in the "Green Bucket" and everyone is welcome to use it.  If you choose to fish with Nightcrawlers (my preferred live bait method) please purchase them ahead of time.

Terminal Tackle (Hooks / Weights / Bobbers / Etc.)

Hat / Sunglasses / Sun Block Block / Bug Spray

Clothing - It is to early to gauge weather, but please be prepared to fish rain, shine, or heat and remember we are fishing so please NO sandals

Snack / Lunch / Drinks 

Camera - Help make these memories last a's also a great oppurtunity for our 4h Photography members to take some great pictures.

Stringer / Bucket / Ice / Garbage bags - You will need something to put your fish in.  Typically I will keep them on a stringer and then transfer them to an ice chest when it's time to head home.