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Date:    5/28/17

Location:    Lake McClure

Water Temp:    67.9 - 71.9

Visibility:  2-3'

Randy and I headed out to McClure today.  We were both expecting the worse, being Memorial Day weekend, but it wasn;t to bad.  We headed up to Horeshoe hoping the ramp wouldn;t be stacked with wasn't, we were the only trailer in the lot.  We fished two spots today, caught a ton of small fish.  I boated 32 fish with only 7 being tournament keepers.  Largest was 3lbs., and my five fish limit was approxitmately 9 1/2lbs.  Not bad, but not record breaking either.  I caught fish on texas rigs, crankbaits, darterheads, and dropshots.  Better fish came on crankbaits in the morning, then darterheads in a little deeper water 12-18' fishing parrellel to the bank mid-morning.  Color, well I caught fish on a variety of pumpkin, pb&j, blue shad, sprayed grass, 082 RED, and purple.  082 RED on an 1/8oz. dartehead was the winner, with five of the seven keepers falling for it.  We were off the water by Noon, just as it was starting to get busy, and man did it look like it was going to get REAL busy....7-8 bots waiting at the gate, passed another 40+ boats headed to eith McClure or Don Pedro on the drive home.

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Date:    5/14/17

Location:    Don Pedro

Water Temp:    65.4 - 67.9

Visibility:    3-4'

Jeannie and I headed up to Don Pedro this afternoon.  Fishing started out a little slow, but then we started WHACKING them.  Darteheads, Dropshots, then Senkos, squarebills, and TOPWATER.....sad and happy to say I caught my first topwater fish this year, and Jeannie caught her first topwater fish ever.  Nothing big today, largest going about 3lbs.  A great afternoon / evening on the water, can;t wait to get back out there.

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Date:    4/27/17 - 4/30/17

Location:    Clearlake

Water Temp:    58.6 - 66.8

Visibility:    2-3'

Ken aka Cousin Bo and I headed up to Clearlake for the AmBassAdors weekend outing.  It was the first time Ken and I had the pleasure of fishing with each other, and I had a ball.  Fishing and the WIND didn't cooperate Thursday, but they both got a little better each day.  Thursday we unfortunately ended up getting caught out when the WIND came up.  What was a 7-8 minute run in the morning turned into a WET and SCARRY 50 minute trek back to the ramp.  We took 15-20 waves over the bow, and hit a series of four 7-8' waves that were down right scarry!!!  The wind died down, and the fishing improved a little each day.  We didn't set any records, and it in no way could compare to the great fishing of last years trip, but it was fun, and we had some success placing 5th overall, and 3rd on Sunday earning some cash.  All of the fish we weighed in throughout the tournament came on a ZOOM PB&J finesse worm, or a Margaritta Mutilator Roboworms, rigged on darterheads, and texas rigs.

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Date:    4/15/17

Location:    Lake McClure

Water Temp:    61.0 - 64.7

Visibility:    2-3'

We headed up to Lake McClure this afternoon.  Today was trip was a first for our dog "Tropper" the new addition to the clan.  He did great, and seemed to ejoy himself more as the day went on.  We boated 17 fish today, I had 11 (6 keepers, 3 dinks, and a crappie) two of which were right at 3lbs., Jeannie ended up with 5 dinks.  We caught all our fish on darterheads, rigged with shad color worms (Zoom green flash, and sexy shad).  Fish came from the bank, out to about 12'...most of them hit on the fall.  We fished a couple areas which both seemed to be equally productive.  The lake was pretty busy...makes sense, it was a beautiful afternoon.  The 2-3 bots we talked to, were struggling, and the 7-8 other boats fishing around us weren't exactly slaying were few and far between.  It was nice to get out and enjoy the afternoon...good fishing, great fishing partners.

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Date:    4/2/17

Location:    Clear Lake

Water Temp:    56.9 - 61.5

Visibility:    2-3'

 Randy and I headed up to Clear Lake for the day, today.  We knew it would be a LONG day, but wanted to see the lake before we showed up to our Club Outing there at the end of this month.  It also gave me the opportunity to get my boat inspection / sticker ahead of time.  We decided to launch at the public ramp in Clearlake Oaks, do some exploring, and hit some new areas.  We hit Limit Out Bait and Tackle when they opened....well we actually showed up about an hour early, and watched the local tweekers wonder was quite the sight.  We were on the water before sunrise and immediately started chucking and winding.  Water was the highest I have ever seen it, and there is a ton of great looking structure and areas.   Unfortunately fishing was SLOW, I caught the first fish, a solid 2 1/2 at 9:32am....Randy caught the next fish a 5.56lb toad at 11:45am, then I lost one at the boat, and missed another about 11:55am....then nothing.  We headed over to Richmond Park to grab some grub about 1pm and noticed hundreds of HUGE crappie under the docks, and decided to try and catch a few to take home.  We caught about 20 crappie, and a couple bluegills in about an hour.  Overall a very tough day fishing.  We did explore some areas that were new to both of us, and I waypointed several areas that look like they should have some beds come the end of the month.  We talked to several locals, and we kept hearing the same thing.....the cold front lowered the water by 7-8 degrees and shut everything down.  The fish I caught came on a 6" Margarita Mutilator Roboworm, on a Big Daddy's 1/8oz. darterhead, Randy's toad came on a shad color fat free shad.  Today was one of those days that even though we didn't load the boat, I felt good about what we learned, and I am looking forward to heading back up

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Date:    3/19/17

Location:    Lake Camanche

Water Temp:    61.0 - 65.8

Visibility:    3-4'

Today I fished the Modesto AmBassAdors March event at Lake Camanche.  I had the pleasure (dead last) of calling anmes as we blasted off out of South Shore.  It was another great showing, with 19 boats, and 37 fisherman participating.  After yesterday's prefishing trip, I came up with a game plan and fortunately after I called all the other participants, and cruised across the lake to my proposed starting spot, nobody was there.  I started out cranking a Poes Super Cedar in Spook / Chart, and a small Whopper Plopper in Monkeybut.  About 10-12 casts in I quickly boated a nice keeper on the Poes, then nothing.  I worked worked the area for another hour and a half mixing in some plastics, with no success.  At approximately 9am I caught another solid keeper on a 5" whacky rigged Senko in Monster Shad.  The fish hit it on the fall, in about 5' of set off a bell in my head.  Yesterday all the fish we caught were shallow, on shad color worms, and hit on the fall.  I moved up closer to the bank, positioned the boat parallell to the bank (I was fishing I didn't have to worry backseating anybody) and started throwing shallow.  I caught three keepers, on three casts throwing a 6" Zoom Trick worm, on a 1/8oz. Big Daddy's darterhead, in Sexy Shad.  BAMM!!! had my limit by 9:20am.  As many of you know, having my limit in the boat relieves a little of the stress associated with tournament fishing.  I was able to slow down, relax and preceeded to WHACK'EM on the Monster Shad Senko.  For about an hour, hour and fifteen minutes it was of the hook.  I culled out every one of the fish I had in my livewell, then culled out a few of those.  I feel I fished the area extremely thoroughly, and moved on looking for other spots with the same types of structure....well non-structure as my starting spot.  I had a long dry spell without a bite, but with a solid limit in the livewell....I wasn;t stressed.  At about 1:30pm I started catching fish every now and then, but nothing that helped out my limit.  I headed into weigh-in with a a decent feeling, I knew I probably wouldn't have what it took to win it, but figured I would have a somewhat respectful finish in this fairly large turnout.  I ended up with 15.64lbs, good enough for a 7th place finish out of 37 participants....can;t be upset when you finish higher then 75% of the field.

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Date:    3/18/17

Location:    Lake Camanche

Water Temp:    62.4 - 65.6

Visibility:    3-4'

After a month and a half, I was finally able to get back on the water.  We headed up to Lake Camanche to try to get a few hours prefishing in for my club tournament tomorrow.  When we showed up to the South Shore the place was packed.  It was the most vehicles / trailers I have ever seen there, I literally got the last spot in the lot.  The weather was great, and we ended up getting a good 5-6 hours on the water.  Today was one of those days where I learned a few things.  My fishing partner put a whipping on me, and when I finally decided to throw what she was throwing....I caught a couple fish.  All the fish (except one chatterbait fish) were caught on a texas rigged 4" Zoom Finnese worm in Sexy Shad.  The fish were all caught on bare banks, in shallow water 5-8', with the boat sitting in some deeper water 12-20'....hmmmm, can you say PreSpawn?  The fish also seemed to hit it on the they were on by the first lift.  It was a beautiful day on the water, always love getting out and enjoying a day on the water, even when my girl puts it to me.  Hopefully I can use what I learned and have a decent showing tomorrow.

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Date:    2/5/17

Location:    Don Pedro

Water Temp:    50.0 - 53.8

Visibility:    6-7'

I guess I didn't have enough frustration yesterday, so Randy and I headed back up today.  Pretty much the same thing as yesterday......I had two fish, both keepers, Randy had a solid keeper, that went 3.10...all three came within the first hour, then nothing.  I caught my two on a 6" Keeper 1001B tigged on a 1/8oz Darterhead in 15-20' of water.  Randy caught his on a 1/2oz. green pumpkin spider jig in 12-15' of water.  We worked a variety of structure, using a variety of techniques just like yesterday...with pretty much the same result.  We worked main lake areas then headed North to the poer lines....nothing!!!!  Today was definately noticeably cooler then yesterday, it was also overcast and windy.  Time to lay low for a few weeks...hopefully this weather will settle down, and all the crap in the Delta will clear out.  Then I can start prefishing for some upcoming events...Delta, Clear Lake, Delta, Delta coming up after the Don Pedro outing which I will not be fishing, darn!!!

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Date:    2/4/17

Location:    Don Pedro

Water Temp:    53.8 - 54.7

Visibility:    5-6'

Jeannie and I headed up to Don Pedro today.  We were on the water about 9:30, Jeannie boated a 12" fish by 9:45, I boated a 12" fish about 10.....and that was it.  The weather was pretty nice throughout the day.  The one positive was I did finally catch my first of 2017...YEAH  Both fish came dropshotting a 4" Keeper 1001B in 15-18' of water.  I had two other bites, one which I hooked but failed to land.  We fished a couple areas where I have had luck in the past, with a variety of different techniques.....with no luck.  We fished rock, bare banks, trees, grass, deep, shallow, fast, slow, large baits, small baits, eractic, and subtle...NOTHING!!  Another tough day on the water, three trips so far this year and one 12" fish....I need to make some changes, and figure things out FAST 

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Date:    1/21/17

Location:    Don Pedro

Water Temp:    51.3 - 52.7

Visibility:    5-6'

We headed up to Don Pedro about 9am this morning.  We thought we would battle the forecasted rain and catch some fish.  Weather forecast was wrong...the wind they forecasted for Saturday night and Sunday, came in Saturday morning.  Main lake was NASTY, so we tried to stay out of the wind as much as we could.  BBT was hosting an event with around 75 boats, and with most of them staying off the main lake as well, it made it rough to find productive water that was schielded from the wind.  I had another crap day, but Jeannie was able to boat a legal keeper throwing a 6" Keeper 082, rigged on an 1/8oz. darterhead.  She through up in 8-10' of water and the fish hit it on it's way down....before it hit the grass.  Lake level is WAY up!!!!!  Should produce some nice spawning areas come spring time.  Even with the wind, my second skunk in a row, and losing another $3 still great to get out on the water.


Date:    1/7/17

Location:    California Delta

Water Temp:    47.6 - 50.1

Visibility:    0-1'

Jeannie and I headed out into what many local meteorologists are calling the worst storm in a decade today.  We launched out of Buckley Cove - Ladd's Marina....we were the only boat in the lot (see pic below).  I've been watching the recent fishing reports they have been very, very poor.  First thing we encountered when we made it to the main channel was 4 - 4 1/2' whitecaps....we headed downtown hoping to find some shelter from the 20 - 25 mph gusts coming from the SE.  It was a battle, and the only area that we were able to fish, was also inhabbited by a sea lion....not good.  The high water, and wind covered most of the shoreline with debris and vegetation, making it unfishable.  We battled the weather for about five hours before calling it a day......we threw reaction baits (spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, flatbills, and swimbaits) as well as several slower presentations (senkos, beavers, and finnese worms) in 1' to 12' of water, with no luck.  Niether of us had a bite, a very slow day on the river.  It was nice to get out, but it was a battle that we lost.





2017 Looking ahead

2016 was a great year, no reason to not try and keep moving forward in 2017.  Here's a few goals I have for 2017...

1.    35 days on the water - I figure I was able to get out on the water 27 days in 2016, so why not try to up that a little.  35 works out to just under 3 days per month, with my plan to hit a couple local Reserviors, and the Delta on weekday afternoons when my schedule permits, I should be able to come close.

2.   Grow my YouTube channel - It's cool to watch your subscribers grow, with 7 subscribers currently, there's only one way to go.....It's going to take some work, and some time to start increasing the quanity and quality of my videos, but I am shooting for 225 by the end of 2017.  If you have a YouTube account, help me out and click that subscribe button.

3.    Learn how to use my Lowrance units more effectively.  I don't have the top of the line HDS 12 Gen 3's, but the Elite 7ti's I have on the console (total scan), and bow, paired with the Hook 5 I have RAM mounted on the console as a stand alone GPS are all GREAT units and offer all the tecnology I need, and more.



2016 Recap

2016 was a very exciting year for me, I was fortunate enough to do something I have dreamed about since I was 12 years old....pick up my first, and probably last NEW boat, a fully rigged 2016 Ranger RT is SWEET!!!!  I also picked up and rigged a new to me NuCanoe Frontier 10 kayak.  Take these two great fishing machines, and throw in 27 days on the water....UNBELIEVABLE!!!  My top three highlights of the year....

1.    Clear Lake trip with my Dad, Uncle, Cousin, Randy, Rick aka "Rickey Bobby", Cousin Bo, Richard, Fred, and Stevie.  Our Bass Club changed the date of our weekend outing, but we were set to go and had our own.  Fishing was absolutely phenomenal, and the comrodarie was priceless.  It was a trip none of us will ever forget.

2.    Jeannie's PB at the Delta.  I created a monster, and she's turning out to be a heck of a fisherwoman.  She caught our team big fish, and her PB on the last cast of our Delta Evening Tournament.  We pulled up to one last point, I told her we had 2-3 casts and we had to go, I was buckling down my rods and she hooked, fought, and after a LONG battle, landed a solid 4.0lber.....AWESOME!!!!!

3.    Catching my big fish of the year - 7.62lbs. There's nothing like catching a monster's even better when it's on a topwater, and even better then that when it's on a frog at the California Delta......and your fishing partner is sitting in the back of the boat retying :) 

Summer evening on the California Delta + Bobby's Perfect Buzz + Twitch, Twitch = #$%@

Did I mention 27 DAYS ON THE WATER IN 2016!!!  I know it's not a lot compared to some folks, but it's the most for me in YEARS and I am very, very thankfull.


Date:    12/27/16

Location:    Lake McClure

Water Temp:    48.7 - 56.4

Visibility:    4-5'

Jeannie, Randy, and I headed back up to McClure today.  We have another AmbAssAdors outing coming up in a few weeks, and wanted to see if the fish we were on were still there......and luckily they were.  We all caught limits, I managed about 11lbs.. my largest 2.86lbs.  While Jeannie and Randy struggled at times for keepers, I was fortunate to catch about 20 fish, and all but three were solid keepers.  Jeannie's and my fish came on 6" Keeper 1050 worms rigged on a 1/8oz. darterhead, just like last trip.  We cost 95% of our fish in 5-15' of water, on steeper rock banks up the river, in the same area we've had success the last couple trips.  We did hit 3-4 other areas as we headed back towards the main lake, while we caught a few fish, here and there, nothing consistent like the area we've been fishing.  While the day started out extremely COLD, it ended up being a beautiful and successful day, a great end to our 2016 fishing year.  27 days on the water this year......AWESOME!!!!


Date:    12/11/16

Location:    Lake McClure

Water Temp:    55.8 - 58.1

Visibility:    2-3'

Randy and I fished the Modesto AmBassAdors first tournament of the 2017 season (I know, were still in 2016 but thats when we start our year) today at Lake McClure.  We headed up river to where my brother and I found fish (more importantly BAIT) a couple weeks ago, good news was they were still there.  We started out throwing some reaction baits...crankbaits and alabama rigs, with no luck.  We slowed it down and Randy started catching them on a texas rigged BPS TKO worm in a green pumpkin candy color.  After he started putting it to me, I decided to get away from the shad colors I was using and start throwing a 6" Keeper 1050 worm, a similar color to what Randy was throwing on a 1/8oz. darterhead.  Randy had his limit at abut 10am, it took me until about 12:15 to get mine, but then we had a stretch that was off the hook.  I decided to start throwing a 4" of the same color on the outside edge of a little mudline that had developed.  I caught fish on my first two cats, and lost one on my third......thought, hey we might have figured something out.  We each caught several more keepers, and culled out three fish from our limits.  Almost all the fish we were catching were spitting up shad on there way to the boat, and in the livewell.  My guess is that what we were throwing was just different enough from the shad they were feeding on, to look appealing.  Randy was stoked, as it was his first limit in an individual tournament.  I did lose a fish that looked to be about 4lbs., I was lazy thinking it was just another cookie cutter fish and let it jump...where it spit my darterhead.  Overall a great day on the water, with nice weather for a December day.  


The keys to most of our success -

7 to 18' of water

Green pumpkin type colors (not watermelon, had to be a solid green avacado color)

4" worm on a 1/8oz.  


I finished 6th out of 27 anglers, Randy finished 10th



Date:    11/27/16

Location:    Lake McClure

Water Temp:    44.5 - 61.7

Visibility:    9-10'

Randy, my brother, and I prefished McClure for my upcoming December tournament today.  First three or four hours we had to battle the rain and cold, but it ended up being a fairly nice day.  We started up the river past Horeshoe, a little ways shy of Bagby.  The water temp was 44.5 degrees and water was pretty shallow (7-10').  We worked our way back towards the main lake until we found some warmer, deeper water.  Once we found water about 54-55 degrees and 25-35' deep we started catching them.  My first fish, was a nice 4+ spot caught on a dropshot rigged with a shad color tiny fluke. We proceeded to catch several fish in the same area, all on 1/8oz. darterheads, rigged with 1059 and 1001B 6" Keeper worms.   The bites were faint, sometimes a light tick then nothing, or they were just there when you lifted the rod tip.  One of the keys was to reel set, as soon as you felt anything different.  The fish seemed to pick it up and head right at you, using a standard hook set was resulting in missing five or six fish.  We fished three or four other spots on the way back to the main lake with a little success.  I decided to make the run over the Temperance and see if there was anything going on there, like in past trips.  We rolled into Temperance and there was three other boats already back there...pretty funny, six boats on the water and at that point five of them were in Temperence.  We scrapped that idea after about 10-15 minutes with no bites, guessing it was hit pretty hard by the other boats in there.  We hit one main lake cut, and my brother caught his largest, a 2 1/2lb. spot.  All in all, a good day....finished with 12 1/2lbs. for my biggest bad today wasn't tournament day.  Check out the link to my YouTube channel, as well as a few nices pics posted as well


Date:    11/13

Location:    Don Pedro - Blue Oaks

Water Temp:    64.7 - 65.9

Visibility:    7-8'

I fished the Modesto AmBassAdors final outing of the year today.  My struggles at Don Pedro continued.  I stuck to my game plan for the most part, just couldn't find the areas that were holding fish.  I ended up with only five fish today, 3 keepers for 4.92lbs..  I caught two of those keepers in the first hours, throwing a Poes 300 Super Cedar in Tennessee Shad, my other fish came dropshotting a Fluke Jr. and BPS Speed Shad in a shad patterns.  All my fish came in 10 to 25' feet of water, and were on the sides of points.  I tried a variety of different techniques, depths, and types of structure without any success. 

Today was a very sad day for me, and many others in our community.  I was notifed that a friend of mine, Stanislaus County Deputy Dennis Wallace was shot and killed at the Fox Grove Fishing Access while on duty. Dennis was a friend to many, he touched many lives, young, and old in a positive manner.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.  Thank you Dennis for your service, and your friendship.


Date:    10/29 - 10/130

Location:    Don Pedro - Blue Oaks

Water Temp:    66.1 - 66.9

Visibility:    4-5'

We headed up to Don Pedro Saturday afternoon, fished from about 2 to 8pm, then stayed the night, and braved the storm fishing from daybreak to about 9:30am Sunday morning.  Fishing was tough, with only two keepers between three of us on Saturday, and three keepers (largest just under 3lbs.) on Saturday.  We tried a variety of techniques, on a variety of cover, even no cover...bare banks.  Three people fishing and only five keepers....not hard to see we struggled for quality fish.  All the fish (keepers) that were caught, were caught dropshotting a 4" Kepper 1001B in 10-35' of water.  The water seemed to cool down, and clear up since our last trip a couple weeks ago.  I am hoping that with the cooling water, that the bait ball up a little more and make the fish a little easier to find.  Prefishing is is supposed to help you eliminate water, and techniques, as well as dial in a good game plan.  We did eliminate plenty water, and plenty of tecniques.....maybe too many.  I plan on keying in on main lake points, with a variety of shad offerings, unless the fish dictate something different.


Date:    10/2

Location:    Don Pedro - Blue Oaks

Water Temp:    68.3 - 69.8

Visibility:    2-3'

 Jeannie and I headed out to fish Don Pedro today.  We launched at Blue Oaks, and we were on the water EARLY.  Fish seemed to be active in the area, so we just started fishing down the bank....North, away from the ramp / dam.  Jeannie caught the first fish, which was a keeper, as well as her first lake and first dropshot fish.  The wind picked up, once the sun came up.  Although there was fish on the surface, we couldn't get any kind of reaction bite going.  We hit a couple main lake spots, trying to find some bait, and fish.  Wind started playing havoc on us, so we found a cove that was out of the wind.  We caught fish pretty much all day, problem was getting quality fish.  All in all it was a good day, with Jeannie enjoying her first trip fishing at a lake.  I ended up with four keepers, Jeannie with three, including the big fish which was just under 3lbs.  We also caught five or six nice crappie, which made it into Randy's frying pan.  We caught ALL of our keepers, dropshotting a variety of 6" worms.  We caught them on Keeper, Robo, and Zoom Trick Worms in mostly shad colors.  The better fish came suspended in 15-25' of water.  Finding the bait was key, then the difficult task of trying to weed through all the small fish.  Using past experience of finding the larger fish on the sides, and below the bait fish, we tried concentrating on loger casts to the outside of the bait fish, as well as used heavy weights to get our rig through them as quickly as possible.  Overall a good day on the water, and for not being on this lake in over a year......I'll take it.  I can say I am looking forward to the fish moving out onto the main lake as the water cools.........


Date:    9/15 - 9/18

Location:    Clear Lake

Water Temp:    72.3 - 74.1

Visibility:    1' or less

Ten of us spent four days at Clear Lake Vista Resort, located in Soda Bay on Clearlake.  It was a truly unbelievable trip, surrounded by family (My dad, Uncle, and Cousin), as well as several great firends.  We were met by great weather and absolutely unbelieveable fishing.  All of us were catching 30-45 fish a day....very few dinks, and several fish over 4lbs. The largest of the trip weighing in at 6.14lbs.  In the spirit of a little family competition, we decided to throw $20 each into a pot, then weigh in your largest fish everyday, the heaviest weight after four days takes it all.  I was fortunate enough to take the prize with four fish weighing in at about 19 1/ biggest fish coming in at 6.02lbs on a Black Sapherie Zoom Brush Hog.  I caught approxitmately 125 keepers over the four days on a 3/8oz. Johnny C's - Reservior Lures, brown jig, rigged with a Yamamoto green pumpkin with purple and black flake twin tail grub.  I also caught fish on Senko's, brush hogs, worms, spoons, crankbaits, lipless, topwater, swimbaits, and some new soft plastic baits by Dropshot Gin....but nothing compared to the quantity and qaulity of the jig bite.  I was throwing my jigs on a Dobyns DX 784C ML Champion Extreme, paired with an ABU Garcia Revo reel, spooled with 12lb. BPS Excel monofiliment.  Key was as soon as you felt the bite, to reel until you felt pressure, then set the hook.  I missed 10-12 fish the first day by setting as soon as I felt the bite.  That actually seemed to be a key for all soft plastics I threw.  


I definately want to give a shout out to the folks at Clear Lake Vista Resort.  The rooms were very resonable priced, the docks were nice (power in each berth), they accomadted all of us on fairly short notice, even let one guy stay in his truck tent in the parking lot, and let us BBQ a couple nights on the water front.  Besides with the boat ramp not being open (water level), and the dock ramp being a little steep (again, water level), this place is a must, and I know my fellow anglers agree....will be back


Another shout out to the guys and gals at Richmond Park Bar and Grill in Kelseyville.  We have been hitting that place up for years, and it always seems like there making more, and more improvements, everytime we come back.  Great food, Great service, and Great docks, right on the water.



Date:    8/13/16

Location:    Califronia Delta

Water Temp:    79.1 to 81.4

Visibility:    2-3'

Jeannie and I fished the Modesto AmBassAdors evening tournament today on the California Delta.  It was her first tournament, and I am sure that fishing agianst all men was a little intimidating for her.  I have taken her out three times now and she's caught at least one fish every time.  We started at Sailboat and worked our way towards Ladd's, unfortunately the waves and noise were pretty bad....seemed to be a cigarette boat event downtown, because we were passed by more boats then I have ever seen out there today, were talking 30-35 boats.  After battling the waves and noise with no luck, we headed into 14 mile slough.  We started catching them on Watermelon with Red and Black 5" Senkos, and smallie beavers in California 420 and fried watermelon.  We were able to boat three small keepers before heading out to fish a main channel point.  We boated another small keeper on a smallie beaver then headed dowtown.  We fished in the cove where Nate and I had some luck, where I caught the 5 1/2 a few weeks ago.  We were able to boat two more keepers to fill out our limit.  We started our run back and had enough time for 5-6 cats on the point of Sailboat...on her last cast jeannie hooked into, and eventually boated a solid 4.00lb fish on a red speed trap with just a few minutes to spare.  We through the fish in the livewell, culled out another (not even sure if it was the smallest, but we had to go), and blasted towards the 5 mph zone at Ladd's making with just a couple minutes to spare.  Her fish culled us up a good 2 1/2 pounds and we ended in 5th out of 12 teams, not bad at all.  We both had a great time, and we made a great showing for our first team event.


Date:    8/11/16

Location:    California Delta

Water Temp:    79.3 to 81.5

Visibility:    2-3'

Randy and I headed out this afternoon, to try and fish the same tide and time frame as our Tournament on Saturday.  It was totaly different then my past several trips out here, I caught fish all afternoon / evening on my confidence baits / colors.  Firetiger Speedtraps and Cinnamon with black and purple flake 5" Senko's seemed to be the key for me today.  I was able to scrape together five fish, with a monster 7.62lbs kicker, caught on a Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog later in the evening.  We started at Paradise and worked 2-3 spots around there, before heading out to the main channel.  The crank and Senko seems to be the bite that we will need to concentrate for the most part on Saturday, then some topwater / frogs the last hour, hour and a half.  Anytime you can catch a 7 1/2 lb fish it is a VERY, VERY, VERY good day.  I am looking forward to Saturday, but I have a feeling it's going to be tough to get good bites.


Date:    8/9/16

Location:    California Delta

Water Temp:    79.0 to 81.1

Visibility:    2-3'

Jeannie and I hit the Delta today for a little prefishing for our Saturday evening tournament.  We both caught quite a few fish, but only managed three keepers.  The largest a nice 2.49lber that she caught.  Most of the fish came on Watermelon with Red and Black Senko's, and Fried Watermelon Smallie Beavers, mixed in with a few on red Bomber 7A crankbaits and Zoom trick worms.  We started on the "meat wall" then ran past Bullfrog and fished the South side of Twin Slough.  Overall we had a pretty good day on the water, although keepers were few and far between.  Randy and I are going out on Thursday afternoon, hopefully I will have a pattern dialed in by then.


Date:    8/2/16

Location:    Tulloch Lake

Water Temp:    79.3 to 80.7

Visibility:    2-3'

I headed up to Tulloch this afternoon, hoping to take advantage of what I had heard has been a pretty good evening bite.  I decided to concentrate on the River, for two reasons....the water is usually a little cooler, and it's a 5 mph zone.  I headed all the way to the "log jam" where the river is closed, it's the nearest point you can get to New Melones.  I caught 2-3 small fish, and then a nice keeper on a darterhead.  I worked my way back down towards the main lake, stopping at 4-5 spots.  I boated 30-35 fish, but only two keepers.  Fish came on darterheads, tubes, and dropshot, There wasn't really any pattern with these small fish...they ate 082 Red, Sprayed Grass, Shad, Smoke with Blakc and Golf, Warmouth, Aarons Magic and PB&J.  It was a very, very hot day...106 degrees but overall a fun afternoon / evening on the water.  Please check out the video in the link above, like it, and subscribe to my channel.


Date:    7/16/2016

Location:    Amador

Water Temp:    78.8 to 80.2

Visibility:    2-3'

Randy and Hayden, and Darrian and I went up to Amador to fish the AmBassAdors Night Team Tournament.  I haven't been to the lake in 3-4 years, but we figure we would give it a go.  We showed and found that the AmBassAdors wasn't the only club fishing that night.  We were sharing the water with THREE other clubs....FOUR clubs on Amador??? Anybosy that has fished there knows, Amador is a small lake, and four clubs of any size is going to be a cluster.  Darrian and I called names, then headed out to the first point we could find that was open.  Not sure of the name, or even if there was a name of the cove we fished, but with the exception of a few small fish in the 12" range....we should of measured was slow.  Everything came on 6' Keeper 082 with Red flake, rigged on an 1/8oz. Darterhead or a dropshot, in 8-10' of water.  After dark, we headed toward the dam...yeah, no room there either.  We started on the north bank and fished toward the main lake, a couple more bites but nothing to the boat.  We came into the first weighin at midnight with nothing, zero, zilch, a big fat blank.  Randy and Hayden came in with one keeper.  After much talk, the Smith boys decided to call it a night.  Overall they did pretty good for there first night tournament.  Darrian was able to boat a leagl (not tournament) keeper, and Hayden won the Team bet.  Fishing stunk, the lake was packed, I didn't fish a single spot I had ever fished on any prior trips to the lake....but anytime you can get out and fish with your boys, it's a good day....well in this case night.


Date:    7/9/2016

Location:    California Delta

Water Temp:    80.1 to 80.8

Visibility:    1-2'

Jeannie and I headed up to the California Delta for a few hours today.  We were on the water from 10:30am to about 4:30pm.  As we headed out towards the main channel we realized that the wind was going to be a major issue in regards to where we would be fishing.  The wind was steady at 20 mph, with gusts to 30 mph.  We headed dowtown starting in the cove where Nate and I had some luck yesterday, and were able to boat one nice keeper on a Senko, and a squeeker on a smallie beaver.  We fished our way down the Western bank all the way to the I5 bridge, then we crossed over and fished the docks and bank on the Eastern bank.   We picked up three more solid keepers, the biggest being a stout 3.89lbs., all on smallie beavers in fried watermelon.  Jeannie caught a nice keeper in front of Banner Island Ballpark, and we decided to head back towards the ramp.  We stopped at square cove and found that even during high tide it was completely mossed in.  We fished around the entrance for 15-20 minutes then ran the rest of the way back to Ladd's.  We battled the wind and tried to fish the point heading in, the wind won and we headed back into the cove to take some pics of our day's catch.  With the exception of one Senko fish, all five other keepers came on texas rigged Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers in Fried Watermelon.  Overall a fairly tough day, but I was able to scrape together a 13lb limit, and Jeannie caught a fish for her second straight trip.....


Date:   7/8/16

Location:    California Delta

Water Temp:    80.1 to 80.4

Visibility:    1-2'

Nate and I headed out to the California Delta this afternoon.  We fished from 4:30 to about 9pm.  We launched out of Ladd's and started on the "meat wall", we caught 3-4 solid keepers as we worked are way down to Sailboat Cove.  Then we headed downtown to fish the west bank near the Port.  We caught a few more as we worked our way into a cove on the south side of the Port.  I landed a 5.57lb. toad on a Bomber 7A in red craw. As we worked our way back into the cove, stripers began to bust.  We both tied on a lipless crankbait and boted 7-8 each, all in the 10-12" range.  We were losing light so we headed back towards the ramp and hit the point going into the Marina one more time, each boating a couple more fish.  We caught our fish on Bombers and Speedtraps in red craw, and on Senko's in a variey of colors (Watermelon with red/black, Baby bass, and Cinnamon with purple/black).  We caught most of our fish by targeting rock, while a few fish came off pilers, tules, etc.  I was hoping to get on a frog or buzzbait bite, but that didn't happen.  Wind was definately a factor in locations and tactics today.


Date:    7/3/16

Location: Lake McClure

Water Temp:    78.3 to 80.1

Visibility:    3-4'

The boys and I were on the water about 6:45am, totally missing whatever early morning bte there was.  We headed up river, and trying to take advantage of a shaded bank, we stopped in a cove before Horeshoe.  A few bites, from what seemed to be panfish or small bass...nothing hooked up or landed.  Contnued heading up river, all the way to Bagby.  We picked up three fish, two of which were keepers.  All three fish cam dropshotting a Junebug Zoom Finese Worm, rigged with a 3/8oz. Mojo dropshot weight, and Gamakatsu 1/0 EWG worm hook.  The first fish of the day came off a flooded tree in 10-12' of water, the other two came off bridge pillers in 25-35' of water....all three fish hit the bait on the fall.  We missed a couple more fish but called it day about 11am.  I guessing we were still a little late, as there was 23 boats waiting when we pulled into the ramp.....another good thing about my aluminum Ranger, you can beach it and not have to worry about your shinny fiberglass.


Blog Entry:    7/2/16

The boys and I are heading out to Lake McClure tomorrow morning.  The plan is to be off the lake by 11:30am before it gets too hot, and crowed with holiday boat traffic.  The boys have been asking about fishing the Bagby area again, so we are going to head up river as far as we can, and see if we cant get a couple trout first thing.  After that we are going to work our way back towards the main lake.  I have struggled my last couple trips to Lake McClure, hoping tomorrow is short and sweet.


Date:    6/26/16

Location:    New Melones

Water Temp:    74.6 to 80.3

Visibility:    4-6'

Headed up to New Melones, and launched out of Glory Hole today.  We were on the water about an hour after sunrise.....I am thinking we missed our window of oppurtunity by getting there late.  Absolutely no topwater or reaction bite for us, then again there wasn't really any kind of bite for us.  We boated 5 fish between two of us, in two different boats.  We worked suspended fish, rock, wood, and grass from the bank out to 45' of water with little to no success.  I boated 4 fish, only one of which was a keeper, the other three were in the 11-12" range.  The keeper came on a 6" 082 Red Flake Keeper worm rigged on an 1/8oz. Big Daddy's darterhead, in 7-10' of water off a rock wall.  The other three came at the end of the day throwing a 6" Junebug with Chart tail, Bass Pro Shops Squirmin Worm, rigged with a 3/8oz. bullet weight and 1/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hook.  I was working an Eastern bank with a prety good mud line, and throwing up into 3-4' of water.  I did lose what I believe to be a catfish, that was pretty good size.  The fish had my rod doubled over, took drag 2-3 different times then just came off, when I reeled my line in it had about 18 inches of slime on it.  Couple pluses of the day....I wasn't working, and I did finish the intial 2 hour break in on my Mercury.


Blog Entry:    6/19/16

We moved the Ranger from storage to Randy's house today.  It's going to be nice being able to have it plugged in and accesible 24/7.  I still have a couple things to finish up installing (LED Mag Light (Starboard compartment), 16" Parkers Bait Bar (Port compartment), and the missing nut and bolt for the V-T2 livewell vents).  My plan is to finish those items, wash the boat, and load all my tackle and rods on Saturday, for Randy's and my trip to New Melones on Sunday.  I should be able to finish the first two hours of break-in on the Mercury and hopefully I can figure out where the leak is on the boat.  Being a brand new boat I am assuming it's a livewell hose that's leaking or cracked, also need to have the starboard hatch lock, and drivers side brake light that need to be addressed.  As far as Sunday game plan.....well as of right now this is what I have riggged and ready to go, in no particular order -


Topwater - Zara Spook - Bone

Spinnerbait - White 3/8oz.

Jig - Brown 3/8oz. / PB&J Double Tail trailer

Dropshot - 1/0 Gamakatsu Splitshot / Dropshoot hook / 3/16oz. MoJo dropshot weight

Splitshot - 1 Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm hook / 3/16 Mojo weight

Darterhead - 1/8oz. / 4/0 Big Daddys

Texas rig - 3/16oz. / 1 Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm hook

Fluke - 3/16oz / 1 Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm hook

Tube - Brawley's Secret Weapon / 1/8oz. / 4/0 Big Daddadys

Senko - 5&a